Christian Worship Song: Psalm 126

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Psalm 126 (The Lord Has Done Great Things)
by Charlie Hall

D                     Asus             Em7
When the Lord brought back the captive ones of Zion
D             Asus      Em7
We were like those who dream
D            Asus
Our mouths were filled with laughter
Our tongues with joyful shouting
D         Asus                 Em7
They say among the nations, "the Lord has done great things for them"

D/F# - D/G - Asus          D/F#           D/G - Asus
                 And the Lord has done great things for us (2x)
                  D/F# - D/G                   Asus
We are filled with joy, we are filled with joy
D         Asus        Em7
You have done great things (4x)

D                                C
You've restored our hearts like streams that flow
D/Bb      D
Those who've sowed in tears have reaped their joy
And returned with shouts and songs
D/Bb                  Asus
Carrying the fruit of God

2000 Generation Music
Words and Music by Charlie Hall

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