Christian Worship Song: Pour Out Your Spirit

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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Pour Out Your Spirit
by Tom Lane

Em             D/F#    G   C2              D
 Pour out Your Spirit, Lord, on Your people (x3)
   D         Em  D/F#  G  C2
Let it reign (x2)

D       Am
Turn the hearts of fathers to their childen
D Am  G/B C
  and every nation to the God of love
D   Em  D                           Cmaj7
and holiness.  Let the fire of Your Spirit burn

Pour out Your mercy, Lord, on Your peole (x3)
Let it reign (x2)

Pour out Your fire, Lord, on Your people (x3)
Let it reign (x2)

1999 The Bridge Worx / songs
Words and Music by Tom Lane

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