Christian Worship Song: Our Father Who Art In Heaven

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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Our Father Who Art In Heaven
by John Smith

D              A7
Our Father who art in heaven
D               G
Hallowed be Thy name
G   D
Thy kingdom come
D   A7              Bm          D
Thy will be done on earth as in heav'n
G    D            D2
Give us today our daily bread
G   D           G
And forgive our sins
G  D               D2
As we forgive each one of those
D   Bm           D
Who sins against us
G   D                  D2      A7
And lead us not to the time of trail
    D               G
But deliver us from evil
D            A7
For thine is the kingdom
Bm            D
The power and the glory

D              A7
Let all the poeple say 'amen'
D               G
In every tribe and tongue
G   D               A7
Let every heart's desire be joined
   Bm              D
To see the kingdom come
G   D              D2
Let every hope and every dream
G  D            G
Be born in love again
G   D                  D2       A7
Let all the world sing with one voice
        Bm          D
Let the people say 'amen'

Words and Music by Paul Field 
& Stephen Deal

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