Christian Worship Song: Only The Blood

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Only The Blood
by Vineyard

G           C2           G
Holiness is your life in me
           D                  C    G
making me clean through your blood
            C2           G
Holiness is your fire in me,
            D            C     G
purging my heart like a flood

D     Em       C
I know you are
perfect in holiness
D        Em
Your life in me
C                Am         D
setting me free, making me holy

G        C2
Only the blood of Jesus
G                 D   C
covers all of my sins
G        C2            G
only the life of Jesus renews me
C       D
from within.
Em              C
Your blood is enough,
Am7         C/D  D
your mercy complete
Em               C
Your work of atonement,
F           D/F#
paid for my debts,
G          C2
making me holy,
G         C2       D  G
Only the blood of Jesus.

1990 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing
Words and Music by Brian Doerksen

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