Christian Worship Song: One Holy Passion

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One Holy Passion
by Vineyard

Em7                   C   D
Let me burn with holy fire,
marked by purpose and desire
Bm7                 F#m7
Set apart unto your name,
    G        Em7                     A
my life, my heart, my strength you claim
Em7                     C  D
Now in your holiness I see
intense desire calling me
Bm7                         F#m7
Away from what possessed my soul,
         G          Em7          A
you have captured me and made me whole
Bm7    G
Holy, holy, holy Lord,
       A           G  C#m7  F#7sus
God Almighty I adore
      Bm7           G
Your glory, now my eyes can see,
             A F#m7           Bm7   A Bm7 A
you're the King who reigns in majesty
One holy passion now I know
As to a ruined world I go
To kindle fire, spread a flame
That will reveal your holy name

1990 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing
Words and Music by George Butron
 and Andy Park

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