Christian Worship Song: Oh Our Lord And King

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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Oh Our Lord And King
by Alan Rose

Capo 2nd fret - capo chords in ()

  A       B7            D               F#m
 (G)     (A7)          (C)             (Em)
  Oh, our Lord and King, our Praise to You we bring;
 B7           D              A    Esus   E
(A7)         (C)            (G)  (Dsus) (D)
  There is no other Rock but you.
  A      B7         D             F#m
 (G)    (A7)       (C)           (Em)
  Seated high above, You are the One we love.
 B7          D                 A
(A7)        (C)               (G)
  This is a song of praise to You.

  VERSE 1:
 F#m            E/G#                              Bm7
(Em)           (D/F#)                            (Am7)
  King forever!  You are the first and You're the last.
 F#m                E/G#                            D/A
(Em)               (D/F#)                          (C/G)
  You are sovereign, all Your commands will always come to pass

  To give You glory!

  VERSE 2:
  Who is like You?  Who else is worthy of our praise?
  We exalt You, You reign in majesty and
  Awesome splendour King forever!

  VERSE 3:
  Abba Father, Your steadfast love will never fail
  You are faithful, You are God andI will worship in Your courts forever

1997 Kingsway's Thankyou Music
Words and Music by Alan Rose

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