Christian Worship Song: Oh Jesus

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Oh Jesus
by Herbert D.R. Ousley

Intro:  E - E2/B - Esus/A

E          E2/B            Esus/A
Oh Jesus, we praise you, We lift our hands and we 
E                      E
sing this song with all our hearts,
B     Esus/A    E             B
For you are king,  Oh Jesus, we love you 
Esus/A                                   E
Our hearts cry out as our feet dance in joy 
B     Esus/A
For you are king 


C#m              B
So we sing to you for what you've done 
E                    A2
With your right hand and your holy arm 
C#m        B       A
Oh Lord, my God, my King 
C#m                  B
Oh Lord my God you are very great 
E                           A2
You are clothed with splendor and majesty 
C#m        B        A
Oh Lord, my God my friend

Words and Music by Herbert D.R. Ousley 
From CD:Trail of Altars

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