Christian Worship Song: Lord Of The Heavens

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Lord Of The Heavens
by Hillsongs

(Em)           (D)             (C)  (D)
 Dm             C               Bb   C
  Lord of the Heavens and the earth.
(Em)           (D)        (C)    (D)
 Dm             C          Bb     C
  My saviour Redeemer Risen Lord.
(Em)              (D)           (C)     (G/B)(Am7)(G)
 Dm                C             Bb      F/A  Gm7  F
  All honour and glory, power and strength__________
(F)             (D)
 Eb              C
  To Him upon the Throne.

(G)    (D/F#)        (Em)    (D/F#)
 F      C/E           Dm      C/E
  Holy, holy, You are worthy
(G)       (D/F#)      (Em)  (D/F#)
 F         C/E         Dm    C/E
  Praises to the Son of God
(G)      (D/F#)       (Em)    (D)
 F        C/E          Dm      C
  Jesus, You alone are worthy
(C)            (G)           (D)
 Bb             F             C
  Crowned in righteousness and peace.

(G)      (D/F#)     (Em)   (D/F#)
 F       C/E       Dm    C/E
  Glory, glory, hallelujah
(G)      (D/F#)        (Em) (D/F#)
 F         C/E          Dm   C/E
  Praises to the Great I Am
(G)        (D/F#)            (Em)   (D)
 F          C/E               Dm     C
  Hosanna, join with angels singing.
(C)       (G)         (D)
 Bb        F           C     (D)
  Worthy is the Lamb of God.

1996 Lucy Fisher / Hillsongs Australia
Words and Music by Lucy Fisher

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