Christian Worship Song: Lord I Come

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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Lord I Come
by Integrity's Hosanna

 Lord, I come, (echo)
 B/D#    C#m7         C#m7/B
 Take my life, (echo)
 I offer it to You,
   F#m7        Bsus
 A living sacrifice.
 B             E
 By Your grace, (echo)
 B/D#     C#m7        C#m7/B
 By Your blood, (echo)
    A            F#m7     Bsus B  B7sus
 I come into the Holy of Holies.

 E               B/E
 All I want to do
    A/E              E      B/D#
 Is dwell in Your presence,
     C#m7            Amaj7
 And drink from the well
      F#m7        A/B  B
 That never runs dry;
 E               B/E
 All I want to see
        A/E             E
 Is the light of Your glory,
  A          B
 Just one glimpse,
 C        C#m7
 Just one drink
    C#m7/B  A   F#m7   Bsus B  E
 And my    soul  is    sat-is-fied.

1996 Integrity's Hosanna! Music
Words and Music by Billy Funk

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