Christian Worship Song: Let Us Draw Near

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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Let Us Draw Near
by Vineyard

          D2  D6/9 D2    D6/9
You have given us confidence
D      Em/D      D/A  A
to approach your holy throne
D2      D6/9 D2       D6/9
by the blood that was shed
D            Em/D   D/A A
through your broken body

    A/G       G                D/F#
And we have a Great Priest and Holy One
    A/G          G            A
who sits at the right hand of God

        D   Dsus    D   Dsus
Let us draw near to God
D    Dsus  D     Dsus
with pure hearts
A        G        Bm7   A
full of faith and confidence
                 G     Bm7   A
cleansed from a guilty conscience
G                       Em7 Bm7 A/C#
Washed in pure water we hope in You,
for You are faithful
Yes, Your are faithful

1990 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing
Words and Music by Craig Musseau

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