Christian Worship Song: Just As The Deer

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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Just as the Deer 
 Lyrics by Mark Spencer

E              B/D#
Just as the deer pants for the water
D                   D/C#
My soul thirsts for You
E           B/D#
When can I go and meet with God
D                     D/C#
My tears have been my food

F#m        A           B
Men say to me all day long,
F#m             A                        B
"Where is your God?" But these things I recall

A                                      B     C#m
During the day the Lord commands His love around me
A                          B             C#m
Even during the night His song stays with me
A                          B               C#m
My prayers they have risen up to the God of my life
A       B       C#m
Why so downcast soul?
A         B      C#m   D
Put your hope in God

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