Christian Worship Song: Jesus Friend Of Sinners

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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    A                                      Asus          A             Asus
1. There is a voice that must be heard, there is a song that must be sung
    A                                     Asus              G              E
    There is a name that must be lifted high
    A                                  Asus             A                Asus
    There is a treasure more than gold, there is a King upon the throne
    A                                      Asus                     G     E
    There is One whose praise will fill the skies

                   A          D/A                    A             D/A   
His name is Jesus,              Friend of sinners
          A           D/A                     F#m    E   D
Jesus, Jesus,                Friend of mine

Bm                      E                           Bm                         E   Bm
       When I was captive to my fears,      You were the One who came to me
E                          F#m    E   D               F#m    E   D
    You set me free

2. There is a peace that calms our fears, there is a love stronger than death
    There is a hope that goes beyond the grave
    There is a Friend who wont let go, there is a heart that beats for You
    There is one name by which we are saved

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