Christian Worship Song: Intimate Stranger

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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Intimate Stranger
by Martin Smith


D6/F#     A2/G
I lift my eyes to You, 
D6/F#          A2/G            Bm 
Eyes that have seen a thing or two,
Bm/A        A2/G           D2/F# A2/G
Who is this stranger in my life? 
D/F# A2
I lift my hands to You,
D/F# A2 Bm 
Hands that have carried what is true,
Bm/A A2 D2/F# A2 
Intiamte stranger be in my life life.

     D Em7  D2/F# G(no.3)
And Jesus I Love You, 
D Em7  D2/F#  G(no.3)
Jesus I adore You,
Bm A2/C#       Gmaj7               Em9
Je___sus You still have my affection, 
   D            Asus G(no.3) D6/F# 
And my song will be I love You.

I lift my voice to You,
Lips that have cried a prayer or two,
Beautifle stranger fill my life,
I lift up my heart in praise to,
The Saviour whose death made all things new,
Intimate stranger only You.

2000 Curious? Music UK  
Words and Music by Martin Smith

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