Christian Worship Song: I Waited For The Lord

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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I Waited for the Lord 
 Lyrics by Bill Batstone

    G  Am  C  D
I awaited
         G       Am  C  D
For the Lord on High
    G  Am  C  D
I awaited, 
                G  Am  C  D
And He heard my cry.


   Em7       D/F#     G
He pulled me out of my despair
    Em7       D/F#          C
And showed me where to walk:
     Em7   D/F#   G
From fear into security
      Em7     D/F#       C
From quicksand into rock.


I sing to let the people know
That I have been restored.
So they will kneel and understand
To return and trust in the Lord.

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