Christian Worship Song: I Have Decided

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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I Have Decided 
 Lyrics by Michael Card

          C   F  C           F             C
I have decided    I'm gonna live like a believer,
         F              C     F  C
turn my back on the deceiver,
I'm gonna live what I believe.
F         C   F  C       F              C
I have decided    bein' good is just a fable,
        F                    C
I just can't 'cause I'm not able,
           G7              C
I'm gonna leave it to the Lord.

There's a wealth of things that I profess,
   F             C
I said that I believed,
     F             C
but deep inside I never changed,
   G                G7
I guess I'd been deceived.
          C                 G
'Cause a voice inside kept tellin' me
     F                 C
that I'd change by and by,
         F              C
but the spirit made it clear to me
that kind of life's a lie.

So forget the game of being good,
     F                   C
and your self-righteous pain,
            F           C
'cause the only good inside your heart
        G               G7
is the good that Jesus brings.
          C               G
When the world beings to see you change
         F              C
don't expect them to applaud,
                F               C
just keep your eyes on Him and tell yourself
I've become the work of God.

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