Christian Worship Song: I Have Come To Love You

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I Have Come To Love You
by Martin Cooper And Paul Oakley

  I have come to love You
  for You have won my heart
C#m7           B       F#m7   E/G#   A
    when You revealed Your love to me

  My life will be a witness 
  of such love and such forgiveness
C#m7       B    F#m7   E/G#    A
  for You have given me Your peace 
and You're everything I need

E          Amaj7
I love to sing Your Name
to speak about Your fame;
C#m7    B F#m7  E/G#   A
     You're worthy of my praise

E                      Amaj7
I long to worship You
in Spirit and in truth
C#m7      B                F#m7  E/G#   A
     it's all I want to do

You have come to love me
and heal my broken heart
Now I am reaching out to You

Your strength is in my weakness
I'm clinging to Your promise,
so let Your work in me shine through
in everything I do

G#m      A
    As I come before You now
let Your Spirit touch me
C#m  Bsus  B
    I will make His gospel known
G#m     A
    Fill me with Your love and pow'r

and Your compassion
C#m                  F#m7  E/G#  A   F#m7  E/G#  Bsus
    through me, let Your Kingdom come

1999 Kingsway's Thankyou Music
Words and Music by Martin Cooper and Paul Oakley

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