Christian Worship Song: Glory To Glory To Glory

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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Glory To Glory To Glory
by K And F Music

Fm       C7       Fm       Gb/Ab
Glory to glory to glory to glory to
Db       C7       Fm   (Eb/F)
Glory to glory to God!

       Db           C7
To the only God our Saviour,
   Fm                    Ebm9  Ab7(b9)
Be majesty, dominion and pow - er
   Db       Bb/D     Eb    C7/E
Forever and ever and ever. be glorified!

Fm      C7/G   Ab        C7
Let the people praise Him,
  Fm       C7/G    Ab      C7
Rejoice in all His goodness,
       Db           C7         Fm    Db  C7
And be thankful for all He has done.
Fm       C7/G  Ab   C7         Fm        C7/G   Ab     C7
Tell the gener-ations from the mountains to the valleys,
       Db         C7         Fm  Eb/G Ab
By His Spirit the vict'ry is won!

F7/A    Bbm-Ab-Eb/G  Ab              Db
For the Lo  -  rd is worthy to be praised!
    Bbm        Eb       Ab            F7
His hand of salvation redeems us this hour.
    Bbm-Ab-Eb/G           Ab             Db
So, Lo  -  rd, beyond the balance of our days,
   Bbm       Eb        Bbm        C7
Be glory and honor, do-minion and power!

1995 Paragon Music Corporation / K & F Music
Words and Music by Fred Hammond

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