Christian Worship Song: Come As You Are

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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Come As You Are
by Maranatha Praise

A2                 A2/F#     E
Come as you are
Come and drink from the living water
A2                        E
That flowed from His hands
Flowed from His side

Come as you are
Come and bathe in the healing water
Cleansing from sin
Releasing new life

      C#m        F#m
Draw near to Him
     C#m                   F#m
And He'll draw near to you
             Bm                     A2
He's been waiting for you to call on His Name
      E                    A2 (D2 at end)
So come, come as you are.

Bridge for His Love:

               A                           Bm
Your love reaches down from the heavens
               A                                           D
To all the creatures on the earth and in the sky
             G                               A
As Your rainbow reminds us Your promise is assured
To be with is through our lives
         A                                 Bm 
As the bird finds rest in Your arms
             G                         D
You will keep us safe from harm
      G                     Em                  A
For nothing can separate us from Your love

1996 Maranatha Praise, Inc.
Words and Music by Brent Helming

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