Christian Worship Song: By The Spirit

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By The Spirit
by Wes Terasaki

  C            Dm7
Chorus:         Holy Spirit, Holy Light
    G                C
We walk by faith and not by sight
C             Dm7
By the Spirit of the Lord
G           C       Dm7   C          G  C
We will follow, oh yeah, we will follow

 C              Dm7 
Mountains rising to the sky
    G            C
Our destination seems so high
     C             Dm7 
But walking is the way to fly
 G           C
Upward unto Him(Chorus)

Jesus make the blind to see
The rocks and trees and eternity
Though sometimes our vision dims
We depend on Him(Chorus)

We are one when we believe
Brother, sister, family
In the household of the Lord
Someday we will be(Chorus)

1985 Wes Terasaki, Please use with permission only
Words and Music by Wes Terasaki

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