Christian Worship Song: Born Again

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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Born Again
by Dorothy Love Coats
G               C           G
Let me tell you, about the comforter
A                  D
That the Bible, said would lead you on
Jesus said, that you'll have power
C            D               G
When the Spirit comes down from the thrown
B                 C                  A7
Now I'm filled with that promise, that has brought, new life to me
G           Em             A             D      G     C     G
I said you must be, can't you see, you got to be born again (born again)

G                     C                 
(Let me tell you that) You must have that fire and Holy Ghost
With that prayer wheel turnin', keeps the fire burnin'
That kind of experience, you can feel
A                                D              Daug
That makes you move, makes you shout, makes you cry 'cause it's real
Keep your hand, in the Master's hand
C                    A
'Till your soul 's been anchored, in Jesus name
G             Em             A              D     G     C     G
Filled within, free from sin, you got to be born again (born again)

G           C         G                           A           D
Oh so many toils and dangers, that my Lord, has brought me through
Jesus opened blinded eyes and He made the lame to walk
C           D              G
Well there's nothing too hard for God to do
Now 's the time, that you must seek Him
C                  A7
Let Him fill your soul within
G              Em
He'll make you whole, fill your soul
A                      D     G     C     G
Then you'll know you're born again (born again)

Public Domain
Words and Music by Dorothy Love Coats

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