Christian Worship Song: Awesome God David Ruis

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Awesome God
David Ruis

Em                     C
Why do the heathen rage?
D                          Em
And all the people imagine a vain thing?
Em                          C
Each is living their own way
D                      Em
Denying You and casting off restraints
D       Em
Why oh why can't they see

C       G    D          Em
You are God, alone You reign
C        G         D
Robed in power and majesty
C        G          D    Em
You are Lord -- the only King
C       G      D
Awesome God of sovereignty  (Oh oh oh)
You who sit above the heavens
You who laugh at the plans of men
Give to Jesus His inheritance
Release the time when nations turn to Him
Father God help them see

Be wise  -  worship the Son

Tremble, fear the Anointed One

Forever reigning on His throne

With joyful fear serve Him alone

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