Christian Worship Song: All That I Am

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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All That I Am
by Bruce Ellis

G            G/B
All that I am
   C                 D
I rest in Your hands
     G                      Em
To work out Your purpose
        A7                 D
And Your perfect plan
      C               D
So all I would do
            G          Em
Would be unto You
        C                        D            G
And You would have all that I am
Am7 G/B            C     D
For You are the only Lord
      Em G7 C
My only redeemer
      G/B                C
So gracious, So faithful
        G/D         D
You carry me on
                   C                          D
When Your voice seems so silent
   Em G7            C
I still know Your presence
       Am7               D          G
For You Lord are all that I am

1994 D'Vine Music
Words and Music by Bruce Ellis

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