Christian Worship Song: All I Know

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All I Know (I Don't Know Why)
by Noel And Tricia Rich- ards And Wayne Drain


E              A  E/G#             D2/F#
  I don't know why, I can't see how
E                A2  E/G#                 D2/F#
  Your precious blood could cleanse me now
Esus    E        F#m C#m/E D2         A/C#
   When all this time,       I've lived a lie,
Esus     E/G# F#m C#m/E D2  A2/C#    Esus
   with no excuse,        no alibi

E A/E C#m7 D       E       A
  All I    know is I find mercy,
A2/C#   D         E        F#m
All my shame You take from me
   E2   D         E        A
All I know Your cross has power, 
A2/C#       Bm7  A2/C# Esus E      F#m   E6 D2  A/C#  Esus  E
    and the blood You shed cleanses me

It's way beyond what I can see,
how anyone could die for me
So undeserved, this precious grace,
You've won my heart, I'll see your face

1997 Kingsway's Thankyou Music
Words and Music by Noel Richards, 
Tricia Richards and Wayne Drain

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