Christian Worship Song: A House Of Gold

Contemporary worship song lyrics with chords for Christian churches

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A House Of Gold
by Hank Williams, Sr

      D           G         D
People steal, they cheat and lie
For wealth and what it will buy ...
               G                      D
But don't they  know on the Judgement  Day
             A7                 D
That Gold and silver will melt a- way.

                  G         D
I'd rather be in a deep dark grave
And know that my poor soul was saved ...
                    G                    D   
Than to live in this world in a House Of  Gold
           A7              D
And deny my God and doom my soul.

What good is Gold and silver, too
If your heart's not good and true
Sinner hear me when I say
Fall down on your knees and pray. For;


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