Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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sa, so.
sair, suit, satisfy.
sark, shirt.
say, essay.
soart, scratch:
soho, she.
schondir, in, asunder.
se'en, seven.
sen, since.
sen, send, grant.
senvye, mustard-seed.
serk, shirt,
set, sat(.
sevensum, seven.
sheave, slice.
shent, 66, shamed.
shott-window, projecting win­dow.
shouthers, shoulders.
shriefe, sheriff.
shurtyng, 103, sport, pastime.
sic, siccan, such.
sicht, sight.
side, long.
sith, sithence, since.
ihc-mennys song, song for six voices.
skomfet, discomfit.
skumd, skimmed.
slatred, broken, cracked.
slee, sly.
smeek, smoke.
sonde, sending.
sooth, truth, troth.
sorrow, devil a bit.
sort, style; company, swarm (of bees J.
sot, 247, fool.
sould, should.
sowkit, sucked.
spait, food, freshet.
spare, 141, opening in a gown or petticoat.
speal, 280, chip or shaving. The sense ?
speer, ask for.
speere, 67, "an aperture in the wall, shot-window." Aytoun. (?)
spence, expense.
spright, sprite, spirit.
spyre, a post or pillar, support­ing a shelf on which victuals are put. See Gloss, to Ja-mieson's Pop. Ball.
stark, stiff, strong.
sted, stede, place.
steer, stir.
stert, started.
stock, the forepart of a bed further from the wall.
stollin, stolen.
stondis, stands.
stottis, oxen.
stonnd, time.
stoure, 119, hurry.
stown, stolen.
strae, straw.
strene, this, 120, yesternight.
stripe, 199, measure.
swa, so.
swear, oath.
swete, 103, qy. swete\ sweaty t
swippyng, striking fast, as in threshing.
swipylles, 112; "a swepyl is that staff of the fail with which the corn is beaten out,

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