Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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GLOSSARY.                                    299
pairt, part.
palmer, pilgrim, vagabond.
panis, pains.
pannell, panele, 41, 108, a rustic saddle, a pad, without frame or bow.
paramour, 148, passionately.
partake, 212, impart, as­sign.
pass, care.
pat-fit, pot-foot.
pawky, sly.
pechmyn, parchment.
peit, 289, whip.
pele, long-handled baker's sho­vel.
pendles, ear-rings.
Pirie's chair, 282?
ploo-mell, plow-mell," a small wooden hammer occasionally fixed to Hie ptougk." Per­cy.
ploom, plum.
phich, plough.
pollis, polls.
porcupig, porcupine.
poudurt, powdered.
prayse-folk, 114?
prees, press, croad.
prest, ready, eager.
priefe, prove.
priving, proof.
progeny, 158, descent.
quert, 150, high spirits, hilar­ity. qnha, &c. who, CfC. quhill, till.
ra, roe.
ramped, rampit, rushed vio­lently, pranced about in bad
humor. rant, make merry, riot. rarely, 229, dear. raton, rat.
rauzt, reft, took away. reade, advice. record, 24?, avowal; draw to
record, take to witness. red, 119, to part (them), reet, 141, root. refe, steward, bailiff. remorse, 164, tenderness of
feeling. renning, running. reve, take from. richt, right. ridand, riding. ring, 148, reign. rok, distaff.
roose, 87, boast of, commend. root, 268, rout, i. e. stretch, or
tramp f rost, thu carpis of cold, 110,
(proverb), thou weakest to
no purpose t round claith and small, 118? rout, blow. rowte, crowd. rowe, a-, upon a row, in a
row. ruell bones, see Gloss, to vol. i. ruggut,puMed violently. rung, cudgel, staff. ryschys, rushes. ryzt, right.

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