Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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laitis, lusty, pleasant manners. lambs-wool, a beverage made
of ale and roasted apples. lane, her, alone by herself. lauchty, 141,pale, white? lawing, scot, tavern-reckoning. leal, honest. lear'd, learned. led, 151, (of laws) carried
out. (f) lenth, length. lese, lose. let, desist, omit. leach, laughed. lever, rather. leys, leas.
lightlye, without good reason. likame, body. lintseed bow, the globule which
contains the seed of flax. lizt, light. lone, in the, 119, " an opening
between fields of corn, for
driving the cattle homeward,
or milking cows." losel, worthless fellow. lout, let.
louz, lowe, laughed. low, flame.
lowte, bow; lowtit, bent. lugs, ears. lyarde, gray horse, horse in
general. lyt, little, a little while.
mane, moan. maries, maid-servants. maun, must. mavis, song-thrush.
may, maid.
meen, moan.
meisseine, 195, mizzen-saU.
mekle, much.
menzie, many, retinue.
merk, dark. sad.
micht, might.
micull, great.
minny, mother.
moe, more.
mone, man.
mot, mought, may.
mou, mow, mouth.
muckle, much.
muir, moor.
myskaryd, 104, miscarried,
disadvantageously disposed
nappy (of ale), strong. native, 162, true-born. neb, nose, beak. nedis hase spedde, succeeded
in what he wanted. neis, nose. neist, next. nolles, htads. nones, notice. nourice, nurse. nozt, nought.
ohon, alas.
on loft, 112, aloft, i. e. stand­ing up, or on horseback.
onys, once.
other, 110, or f
our, ower, over, too; our all quhair, 148, everywhere.
ourtuk, overtook.

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