Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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GLOSSARY.                               295
coft, bought, redeemed.
cokeney, 115, " seems to be a diminutive for cook," says Percy. The word more probably denotes some kind of lean or common meat. See Wright's note.
cold, could.
comyn, come.
con,see can.
confound, destroy.
coost, 110, region, direction.
could of courtesie, knew what was good manners.
cors, body.
couple, rafter.
courtnalls, a disrespectful (?) name for courtiers.
cow, twig.
cowth ring, 148, had reigned; see can. i crap, crop, yield.
crech, creek, crutch.
creppid, crept.
crook (my knee), make lame. They say in the North," the horse crooks," i. e. goes lame. Percy.
crouse, brisk, merry.
cummerit, vexed, bothered.
cnnd hir thank, gave her thanks.
cunnand, covenant, engage­ment.
curtass, courteous.
daigh, dough. dang, knocked. dawing, dawning.
de, dee, die; deed, died.
denay, refuse.
dent, blow.
deport, 274, array.
deray, ruin, confusion.
descryed, described, related.
develling, 142, sauntering.
dicht, 150, circumstanced: dicht to deid, 151, done or put to death.
disjune, breakfast.
dizt, (dight), dressed.
do, dow, you down, take your­self down.
dole, dool, grief.
donned, 105, dun.
douse, blow.
doute, fear.
dow, dove.
down-browit, scowling.
doz troz, dough trough.
drake, dragon.
drowryis, love-gifts.
dryt, dirt.
ducadoons, ducats. (?)
dulfully, dolefully, sadly.
dun feather and gray, by, &8, by a carrier pigeon.
dungin down, beat down, over­came.
duzty, doughty; duztynesse, doughtiness.
dyke, ditch or wall.
earn, 100, curdle. ee, ene, eye, eyes. eftir syne, afterwards. eneuch,enough.
ey. egg-

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