Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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wald, would.
waly, interjection of lamenta­tion.
wane, 36?
war, worse; verb, to worst, overcome.
war, aware.
ward, word.
waryson, reward.
wast, west.
wat, know.
weal, 41 (of hands), to wring T
weale, 64, qy, well? or good luck! The word is probably corrupted.
weapon-shaw, inspection of arms, military review.
wed, would.
wede, 72, skra t
weir, war.
well, 226, qy. mell, meddle or Jight with.
weme, 98, belly, hollow.
wend, go.
whigging, moving fast, march­ing briskly.
whilk, which.
whyll, 15, an.
wid, would.
wight, 102, strong, quick.
win, go, get.
win (hay), make, gel in.
wihna, will not.
wis, 214, wish.
woned unto the dead, 222, qy. vowed? devoted them­selves to death t
wood, mad, furious.
worried, 270, choked at.
worthe, woe, woe be to.
wouche, injury.
wraithe, wroth.
writhe, twisted.
wyld, 30, seems to be used absolutely for deer.
wynn, (hay), make, get in.
yohone, each one. yebent, bent. yee, eye. ye-feth, i-faiih. yender, yonder. yerlle, earl. yerly, early. ye'se, ye shaU. yestreen, yesterday. yill, ale. yth' in {he.
zield, yield. zit, yet.

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