Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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raking, 242, running, scouring along.
rave, bereave.
raw, row, rank; upo' the raw, in rank of battle.
rax, reach, stretch; 265, beat t
rear, ride the, 233, ride behind, have the worse.
recks, 23, matters.
rede, advise; 15, guessed.
red, rode.
Reidswire, see vol. vi. p. 131.
remeid, remedy.
rent, rend.
rewyth, regrets.
riggings, 154, backs t
rinnes, runs.
rise on anchor, 206 ?
roke, reek, steam.
rout, company, crowd.
rowght, rout, strife.
rowynde, round.
rung, cudgel; canon's, figura­tively, for shot t
ryall, royal.
ryght, 7, straight.
rynde, 13, flayed f rinde, to destroy, Halliwell's Diet.
saw, saying, statement.
say, saw.
say, assay.
sayne, say.
scale, 262,178, scatter, spread.
schapped, 15, apparently
should be " swapped;" see
post. schoote, 12, shot, let go. sen, since.
sene, 189, skilled, experienced. shear, 30, 31, quickly, at once.
(?) Halliwell. she, used of Eighlanders ,:»
general. siccan, such. sinsyne, since. sith, since. skelps, blows. silver wand, 100 ? slaydis, 228; the passage is
corrupt, slicht, slight. sloughe, slew.
smirkling, smirking, smiling. smored, smothered. snell, 269, sharp, loud. snood, a band with which a
young woman ties up her
hair. sould, should. souters, cobblers. spear, speir, ask. spendyd, 96, probably the
same as spanned, grasped. splenderis, splinters. spole, shoulder. spuente, 86, spirted, sprung
out. spurne,kick) 42,retaliationt stain, outdo, excel. stalwurthlye, stoutly, boldly. stane'd, stationed. stank, 154, pool. stead, 65, place, post. stell'd, placed. stent, stop. stounde, time.

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