Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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cross? marked, 14, fixed their eyes on, look aim at t
maugre, spite.
may, maid.
meany, company.
merchand, marching.
miokle, great.
mind, remember.
miss, 264, evil, fault, trouble.
moe, moo, more, greater.
mome, foot
mort, death (of the deer.)
mowes, mowis, (mouths,)joke.
muir, moor.
mykel, great.
myllan, 36, Milan, i. e. steel or manufacture.
myne-allaine, alone by myself.
myneyeple, 36, maniple (i. e. many folds), a name for a close dress with sleeves worn under ike armor.
nare, nor.
naye, denial.
near, nearer.
neist ae, next.
nixtin, next.
northen, be, to the north of.
oh'on a ri, Gaelic, oh, my heart 1 oh' rig in di, 165 ?
one, on.
ones, once.
outrake, 100, riding out, excur­sion.
oware, hour.
owermaskit, overcast.
paiks, 154, drubbing.
palione, 222, pallion, pavilion, tent.
pall, a rich cloth.
parti, part.
paw, pa', 158, swift motion; one's part in a perform­ance, 154; of the contortions of a person hanged, 162; of the movement of weapons, 163.
peart, pert.
perseiued, pursued.
philibeg, kilt, or short petticoat, worn by Highlanders in­stead of breeches.
Pitlarichie, 319 ?
pleadis, prayers.
polititious, politic, ingenious.
pompous, 278, proud, magnifi­cent.
pra, 173, brave, fine.
presumand, presuming.
prycked, rode.
pyght, pitched.
quaint, acquaint
quat, quit.
quhat, &c. what, cfc.
quhill, while, until.
quhois, whose.
quite, quit.
quyrry, quarry, slaughtered
game. qnyt, paid, repaid.
race, 184, course.
raid, a predatory incursion.
rais, rose.

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