Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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heal, hail.
heidit, beheaded.
heidin, beheading.
hernainsell, see note p. 154.
hich, high.
hight, promise, be called.
hinde, gentle.
hing, hang.
his, has.
Hogan Dutch, 155?
holtes, 8, woods.
hoved, 9, hovered, hung about,
tarried. howe, hollow, valley. husbonds, husbandmen. hye, hyght, (on,) on high,
aloud. hyght, promised.
ilk, ilkay, each. into, in, is, has, i-wis, certainly.
jack, a coat of mail, a leather jacket.
jonk, avoid a blow by bending the body forward.
kain, 180, rent paid in kind; here, paid the kain is suf­fered sorely.
kaithe, appear, come.
ken, know; kenna, know not.
kindly, 23, native born.
kith, acquaintance.
kittle flaws, variable winds, i. e. not to be depended on for courage.
knop, knob.
knowe," knoll.
lair, 239, place where they were lying.
lang, long.
lap, leapt.
layne, deceive; 18, break word.
leaguer, camp.
leath, loath.
leeve, dear, pleasant; lever, rather.
Iesse, 10, lying.
let, prevent
lift, air.
lifting, stealing.
liges, lieges.
liklie, handsome, promising.
lilye, 23, lilly, 179, covered with HHes t
lilting, singing cheerfully.
linking, walking quickly.
list, please.
lithe, list.
liverance, 95, " money for de­livering «p." Percy.
logeying, lodging.
lope, leapt.
lucetts, 14, luces, pikes.
lurdane, a heavy, stupid fel­low.
Inves, palms, hands.
maker, makys, mates. march-man, warden of the
Marches. march-perti, 40, the Border
parts or region. marke hym to the Trenite',
13, commit himself to God
by making the sign of the

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