Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 7 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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beth, 98, is.
be-west, to the west of.
biggingis, buildings.
bille, see sworne.
billie, comrade.
bla', blow.
blaithe, blithe.
blan, blane, ceased, stopped.
blate, silly, stupid.
bleid, blood.
bodward, 182, message.
borrowe, security, hostage, ran­som ; borowed, 18, ransomed.
bouk, body, carcase.
bowne, bowyn, ready, pre­pared; 235, going; bound, bowynd, 19, 5, 6, made ready, went
brace, 260, same as breeze, hurry 1
bracken, braken, fern.
brae, side of a hill.
braid, broad.
bra'ly, bravely.
branken, branking, prancing, capering.
braveries, displays.
braw, brave, handsome.
bread, 59, breadth; bred, broad.
breeks, breeches.
brent, burned.
brim, fierce.
bronde, brand, sword.
brook, enjoy; 186, take {pos­session of).
brose, 261, pottage.
brouine, brown, brewed.
broust, brewage.
bruch, brugh, burgh, city.
bryttlynge, cutting up {of game.)
buft, buffeted, beat.
bm-d-alone, alone.
bnrn, brook.
but, without, 221; bnt bed, be­fore we sleep.
butter-box, 154, " Dutch­men." Eitson.
byckarte, 30, moved quickly, rattling their weapons.
byddys, abides.
byears, biers.
byll, halbert, battle-axe.
ca', call; 265, drice, beat. caliver, 116, large pistol, or
blunderbuss. can, could, used as auxiliaries
to form the past tenses, canty, merry. carefull, anxious. carpe, tell, discourse. cast, propose, intend. cawte, cautious. chafts, chaps. chess, chace. chessit, chased. cheverons, gloves. christiante, Christendom. claw, scratch, fight. clinkum clankum, a phrase
for smart blows. cogue, wooden pail. cold bee, 100, was; see can. collayne, Cologne, i. e. steel, or
manufacture: see i. 357. cor, core, corps.

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