Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 6 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book

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keverest, 273, recoverest.
kilted, tucked.
kinnen, rabbits.
kirns, churns.
Kirsty, Christy.
knapscap, head-piece.
know, knoll.
knnlled, 272, pushed, beaten
(■with the knuckles). kunnes, kinds. kyne-yerde, king's wand or
sceptre. kyneriche, kingdom.
laht, caught.
laigh, tow.
langsome, tedious.
lap, wrap up.
lave, rest
law, low.
lawing, scot, reckoning.
lay, lea.
layne, conceal.
leal, leel, loyal, true, chaste.
lear, lore.
Ieaut4, loyalty.
lede, people.
lee, waste, lonely.
lee-lang, Uve-long.
lee, shelter, peace; set at little
lee, 101, fe/H little peace?
" ie/? scarcely any means of
shelter." Jamieson. leeze me on, 90, J take pleasure
or comfort in. lerrum, (Fr.) leave. les, lying. let, 278, ceased. leugli, laughed.
Ievedy, lady.
libbe, live.
lidder, lazy:
lidder fat, fat from laziness;
(qu. same as leeper fat?) lightly, make light of, treat
with contempt. limmer, rascal, scoundrelly. Lincome, Lincoln; Linoum
twine, Lincoln manufac­ture. ling, heath. loan, a piece of ground near a
farm house where the cows
are milked. loot, let.
lordswyk, traitor to his lord. lore, loren, lost. loudly, 124, loud. loup, leap, waterfall. louped, lonpen, leapt. lourd, liefer, rather. low, flame. lowne, loon. hid, loved. lyan, lain. lyart, hoary. lyke-wake, watching of a dead
body. lyves man, 271, living man.
ma, shame a, 93, devil a bit mae, more. maill, rent. mane, moan. maries, maids. marrows, equals. maun, must. may, maid.

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