Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 4 of 8 from 1860 edition -online book

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sanna, sliall not.
sark, skirl.
scant, lessen.
scheel, school.
schent, shamed, disgraced.
see, protect.
sen, since.
sendall, a rich thin silk.
sets, 105, sits, Jits.
shaw, thicket,~wood.
shealin, 66, shed for sheep.
she'as, sheaths.
sheave, slice.
sheens, shines.
she'st, she shall.
shill, 59, shrill.
shun, soon.
sic, siccan, such.
sicht, sigh ; sichit, sighed.
sickerly, certainly.
silly, simple.
sith, since.
skill of their train, understand
their training. slap, 96, a breach in a wall or
hedge. speer'd, speir'd, asked. spell; drift can spell, 267, tell
my meaning or story. splene, on the, 156 ? spring, 65, youth, young. sta', stole.
states, 169, people of high rank. staw, stole. staws, stalls. steir, stir. stey, steep. stown, stolen. streek'd, stroaked.
suspitious, " significant."
Riteon. swither, waver. syne, then.
tane, taken.
tapp'd, topped.
tent, heed.
Termagant, an imaginary false god of the heathen.
thair, there.
than, then.
thinking long, see thought lang.
thir, these.
this, thus.
thoo, those.
thought, 147, trouble.
thought lang, fell the time hang heavily, felt ennui.
thoust, thou wilt.
till, to, for; 245, to; till assail 248, to assail; till haif, 249, to have.
tirled at the pin, trilled, or rattled, at the door-pin, or latch, to obtain entrance.
tocher, dowry.
tod, fox.
tomorne, to-morrow.
ton, one {after the).
tree, 3,253, stick, pole, or per­haps, whipple-tree; 276, staff.
trew, trow.
trinkling, trickling.
trow, believe.
twalt, twelftlt.
twinn, part.
tyne, lose.

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