Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 4 of 8 from 1860 edition -online book

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GLOSS iRT.                               343
manchet, the finest hind of white iread.
mane, moan.
marrit, 246, marred, disorder­ed.
marys, maids.
maugre, 247, ill-mil, blame.
maun, must.
may, maid.
meen, moon; meen - licht, moon-light
menji, 81, many; metiyie, company of followers.
min, mother.
mot, may, might.
mouls, dust of the dead.
muckle, big, much.
mude, mood, mind.
murnit, mowned.
nae, not.
neirhand, nearly. niest, next. nocht, nought.
och, ochanie, interjections of
grief. odd, 281, old. oo, one. ower great, too familiar.
pall, rich cloth.
parand; heir and parand, heir
apparent ■p&k,put. perde, par dim. perfay, parfoi. pine, pain, grief. pitten, put.
plow, as muck land as can properly be tilled by one plough in a day.
prest, 204, ready.
previe, secret.
put down, 117, hung.
pyne, pain.
quhair, &c, wSere, <fc.; all
quhair, every where. quhill, 249, until.
raik on raw, 246, range or ex­tend themselves in a row.
ramp, rude, mid, violent.
rantin1, boisterously gay, rol­licking.
rattons, rats.
recorde, witness.
red, advice, plan.
redding-comb, comb for red­ding, or combing out, the. hair.
rede, reid, advise.
reivis, deprivest of..
remeve, 155, remove or trouble.
repreve, reprove.
rescous, rescue.
rew, take pity.
rigs, ridges*
roiss, rest.
rove, roof.
row, roll; row'd, rolled..
royal bane, 12, the same as ruel bone, an unknown ma­terial often mentioned in ro­mances.
rude, rood, cross.
rue, take pity; rttthe,pity.

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