Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 4 of 8 from 1860 edition -online book

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342                                    GLOSSARY.
holland, hotly.
hooding o' grey, 66, hoddenu
grey, cloth with the natural
color of the wool. holtis hair, 250, uplands bleak. howp, hope. huche, crag, steep bank.
I dern with the bot gif I daill, 247; unless I secretly dally with thee T
I'at, 1 shall.
ilke, each; this ilka, this same.
intill, 83, upon.
intent, 248, thought, mind.
in worth, 205, gladly, content­edly.
janglour, prater. jimp, slender.
kail-blade, leaf of colewort.
kail-yardie, kitchen garden.
kebbuck, cheese.
keep, heed.
keipand, keeping.
kenna, know not.
kep, catch.
kilt, kilted, tucked up.
kintra, country.
knioking, 110, wringing, so as
to make snap. knowe, knoll. kye, cows.
laigh, low.
lair, lore, doctrine.
lake, 120, reproach.
lauch, laugh.
lave, rest.
laverock, lark.
lawe, 149, custom.
lax, relief, release.
lea', have.
leal, true.
lear'd, learned.
lee-lang, live-long
leed, language.
leesome, pleasant, amiable.
leif, 250, live.
leir, learn.
lend ye till, 26, lean upon.
len, 308, lie concealed.
leuch, laughed.
leve, 147, remain.
lewohe, laughed.
ley, lea.
lichtit, lighted.
liohtly, undervalue.
lie, lonely, sad.
liggit, lain.
lighters, blinders.
liltin, singing.
lirk hollow {of a hill).
lodomy, laudanum.
long of, 211, on account of.
looing, loving.
loot, let.
lore, 149, doctrine.
loup, leap.
lourd, liefer, rather.
loutit, bowed.
lown, loon, worthless fellow.
lowse, loose.
lue, love; lnde, 246, loved.
maining, moaning, crying.

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