Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 4 of 8 from 1860 edition -online book

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Q^~ Figures placed after -wo they
rds denote the pages in which occur.
a', aU.
ahee, be.
abeen, aboif, above.
ae, one.
aglets, tags to laces.
airy, ery, fearful, inspiring dread.
among, 144, from time to time.
and, if.
anew, enough.
anewche, enough.
angel, a gold coin, varying in vahtefrom about six shillings and eight pence to ten shil­lings.—Halliwell'8 Diet.
apaid, satisfied.
as who sayeth, so to speak.
at, that.
attour, over, across.
anld son, a relative term for a boy older than the youngest.
ava, ofaU.
ayont, beyond.
baill, sorrow.
balow, a word used in lulling children.
ban, band.
banning, cursing.
bed-stock, the side of the bed further from (he wall.
begoud, began.
beked, 305, made warm f
belinger, 283?
bemean, 86, disparage.
ben, in.
benjed, 305, received hospitably, made preparations for his comfort f
besyd, 247, astray.
be that, by that.
bewray, discord.
bier, cry.
bierdly, stately.
bigged, biggit, built..
Billy Blin, a benignant house­hold fairy, like the Lubber Fiend.
binna, be not.
birk, birch.

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