Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 3 of 8 from 1860 edition -online book

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gude-son, son-in-law. gurly, troubled, stormy.
ha', hall.
had, hold, Jceep.
had, taken.
hained, enclosed, surrounded
with a hedge. half-fou, half bushel. hantle, much, great deal. happ'd, covered. hart-rote, 39, a term of ett~
dearment, sweetheart. haud, hold. haugh, low fiat ground by a
riverside. hauping, limping. hause, neck.
have owre, 161, half over. haw, azure. hawberke, cuirass, coat of
mail. heading-hill, beheading hill. heal, conceal. heal, health. hech, a forcible expiration of
breath, as in striking a heavy
blow. heiding-hill, the beheading hill. hend, gentle, het, hot. hewberke, cuirass, coat of
mail. hichts, heights. bight, promised. hind-chiel, young staling. hinging, hanging. hollin, hoUy. hooly, slowly, softly.
houl', hold.
honms, flat grounds near
water. houzle, give the sacrament.
ilka, each.
inbearing, forth-pulling.
iwis, iwysse, certainly, truly.
jack, 81, a coat of mail.
jagged, pierced.
jess, a leather strap for a
hawk's leg, by which it was
fastened to the leash. jooked, bowed, made obeisance.
kail, broth.
kame, comb.
keckle-pin, 300, should be
heckle-pin, the tooth of a
heckle or flax-comb. kell, o dress of net-work for a
woman's head. kempes, soldiers; kemperye
man, 169, soldier-man. kepped, keppit, intercepted
received when falling. kevils, lots. kiest, cast. kilted, lucked up. kipples, rafters. kirkin, churching. kirk-shot, see shot, knet, knitted. knicht, knight. knot, 274, tie up. knowe, knoU.
lack, 85, loss.

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