Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 3 of 8 from 1860 edition -online book

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dill, dole, grief.
dinge, strike,
discreet, civil.
disna, does not.
dochter, daughter.
dole, grief.
doubte, dread.
douk, dive.
donnae, cannot.
doup, bottom.
dow, can; downa, cannot.
dow, dove.
dowie, sadt
dree, drye, dear, suffer.
dyne, dinner.
eerie, 273, dreary, cheerless.
eldern, oH.
Eldridge, 170, (Elrlche, El-riok, &o.,) ghostly, spectral: 179, hill seems to be omitted.
even ower, half over.
fa*, obtain as oree'a hi.
faem, foam.
fail-dyke, a wall built of sods.
faine, glad,' fainly, gladly.
farden, 185, fared, appeared.
fare, go.
fee, possessions, property.
feres, comrades.
fey fowk, 48, people doomed to
die. ficht,fight. fin, 342? fitt, strain.
flatter'd, 156, fluttered, floated. forbears, ancestors.
forbye, beyond, near, {on, full.
frae, 353, from the time. free, noble. fremmit, foreign. fund, found.
gae, gave.
gae-through-land, vagabond.
gane, suffice.
gar, cause, make.
gare, below her, below the
[gore in ike edge of the]
shirt f gear, goods. gen, against. gerss, grass.
gin, «/•
gin, trick, snare; 221, the de­vice (necessary to open the door).
girds, hoops.
glore, glory.
God before, God help me 1
good-brother, 67, brother-in-law.
gorgett, 246, a kerchief to cover the bosom.
graith, caparisons; graith'd, caparisoned.
gramarye, grammar, abstruse or magical learning.
grat, cried, wept.
greeting, weeping, crying.
gresse, grass.
grew, gray.
giype, griffin.
gude-mother, mother-in-law.

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