Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 2 of 8 from 1860 edition

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400                               GLOSSARY.
sanna, shall not.
sarbit, an exclamation of sor­row.
Bark, skirt.
saugh, willow.
soheet, school
schill, shrill
soug, expiate.
see, (save and,)protect.
seen, sen, then, since.
send, 334, the messengers sent for the bride at a wedding.
sets, suits.
shed by, 77, parted, put bach.
sheen, shine.
sheen, shoes.
sheet, shoot.
sheuch,y«im»o, ditch.
shimmerd, shone.
shot-window, o projected win­dow.
sic, such.
sich, sigh.
sindle, seldom
sinsyne, since.
skinkled, sparkled.
slack, a gap or pass between two hilh.
slait, passed across, whetted.
slap, a narrow pass between, two hills.
smore, smother.
snood, a filet or ribbon for the hair.
socht, sought.
sorray, sorrow.
soum, sowm, swim.
spakes, spokes, bars.
speer, speir, ask.
spreckl'd, speckled.
stap, stuff.
stean, stone.
steek'd, fastened.
stey, steep.
stint, stop.
stock, the forepart of a bed.
stout, 300, haughty.
strae, stray, straw.
straiked, streaked, stroked,
drew. streek, stretch; streekit,
stretched; streikit, laid
out. striped, thrust. suld, should. syke, marshy bottom. syne, then, afterwards.
tane, one, [after the.']
tasse, cup.
tate, lock (of hair).
tee, too.
teem, empty.
teen, sorrow, suffering.
tent, heed
thae, these.
the, thrive.
thegither, together.
thir, tho, these, those.
thorn'd, 835,eaten?
thought leaig, felt ennui.
thouth, thought, seemed.
thraw, 302, writhe, twist;
thrawen, crooked. thresel-cock, throstle, thrush. threw, 130, throve. thrild upon a pinn. See
tirled below.

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