Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 2 of 8 from 1860 edition

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dinna, do not. disna, does not. dool, sorrow. dout, fear.
dowie, mournful, sad, gloomy. downa, cannot. dows, doves. dreaded, doubted. dree, suffer.
drew up with, 94, formed re­lations of love with. drie, suffer. drumly, troubled. dule, grief, sorrow. dune, done. dwines, dwindles.
e'e, eye. een, eye, eyes. eneuch,enough. ezer, azure.
fadge, clumsy woman.
faem, foam.
fare, go.
farrow-cow, a barren cow.
tee, property, wages.
fell, hiU.
fell, strange.
ferra cow, farrow cow, a cow
not with calf. ffree, noble. firstan, firstand, first fit, foot.
fitches, 329,flitches! flang' d, flung. Heed, flood.
foremost man, bridesman. forlorn, lost.
fou, {ow,full. frush, brittle.
fur, furrow, o furrows length, furlong.
gaed, went.
gair, 354, gore, strip. Se« gare.
gang, go; gangs, goes.
gar, make.
gare, 66, gore; apparently, here, skirt. So, hung low down by his gair, 296, by the edge of his frock. The word seems also to be used vaguely in romances for clothing.
garl, gravel.
gate, way.
gear, goods, clothes.
gin, trick, wile.
gleed, a burning coal; 97, blase.
glent, gleam, glimmer.
gone, go.
gowd, gold; gowden, golden.
gowk, fool.
gravat, cravat!
greaf, grave.
greet, cry, weep.
gris, a costly fur.
grit, big.
groom, man.
gross, heavy.
gryte, great, big.
Gude, God.
ha', haU.
had her, Jefoo& her.
hallow-days, holidays.

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