Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 2 of 8 from 1860 edition

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brae, hill-side.
braid, broad.
brain, mad.
brent, burnt; 308, v. 31,
straight f bridesteel, (Buchan,) 183,
bridal t brigg, brigue, bridge. broo, broth. brook, enjoy. brunt, burnt. • buird, board. burd, lady. burn, brook. busking, dressing, making
ready. but, butt, without. but and, and also. byre, cow-house.
ca', caU.
cannel, 327. Qy. a corrup­tion?
canny, knowing, expert, gentle, adroitly, carefully.
cast, trick, turn.
cbannerin, fretting.
chap, tap, rap; chappit, 11, tapped, rapped; at the chin, should probably be at the pin, or tongue of the latch.
cheir, cheer.
claise, chtkes.
clap, fondle; clappit, patted, fondled.
cleading, clothing.
cleoked, hatched.
deed, clothe.
cleiding, clothing.
clerks, scholars.
eliding, clothing.
close, lane.
cod, pillow.
coil, 324, cock of hay.
coost, cast.
could, used irith the infinitive as an auxiliary, to form a past tense.
crap, crop, top.
croodlin doo, cooing dove.
crowse, brisk.
cuik, cook.
curches, kerchiefs. R. Jamie-son, " linen caps tying under the chin."
cuttit, cut.
dabs, pricks.
dang, 301, overcome; 361, pushed.
dapperby, 189, dapper?
d&ut, fondle, caress.
daw, dawn.
dead, death.
dear-boucht, dear-bought.
deas, sometimes a pew in a church.
dee, die.
dee, do, avail.
deid, death.
deight, dight, decked.
den, valley.
depart, 124, part.
dight, 253, skilfully, read­ily!
dighted, dressed, wiped.
dine, dinner.
ding, strike.

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