Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 2 of 8 from 1860 edition

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D^" Figures placed after wo they
rds denote the pages in which occur.
aboon, above, upon. abound, 335, bound. abune a' thing, above all
things. a dee, 335, to do. ae, one. aft, oft. aith, oath. an, if. ance, once. anent, opposite to. are, early. assoile, absolve. aucht, oiais; wha is aucht
that bairn ? who is it owns
that child t ava, qfaU.
a-warslin, a wrestling. ayont, beyond.
ba,' ball.
badena, abode not. bairn, child. baith, both. ban, 89, bond.
beet, 340, add fuel.
bierdly, large and well-made,
stately. biggins, buildings. ben, hi, within. bestan, beat.
best young man, bridesman. bidden, bidding.                [(?)
bidene, in a company, forthwith billie, comrade, brother. binna, beest not. birk, birch. birling, pouring out [drink],
drinking. blan, ceased, stopped. blate, sheepish, ashamed. blear, [noun,] dimness. blinkit, blinked, winked. blinne, cease. borrow, ransom. bouerie, chamber. boun, ready. bour, bower, chamber. bra', braw, handsome. bracken, female fern.

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