Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 1 of 8 from 1860 edition

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taikeu, token.
tee, to.
teind, tithe.
tene, grief, sorrow, loss, harm.
tente, attention, heed; takia gude tente, give good atten­tion to.
tett, 109, loch [of hair.]
thae, those.
than, then.
thar, where.
thar, 275, it needs.
then, than.
think lang, to 5e weary, impa­tient.
thir, tftese, those.
tho, iiere.
thoghte, seemed. v
thoth, thouch, thouth, though.
thought lang, seemed long; grew weary, felt ennui.
thouth, 274, seemed.
throw, short time, while.
thrubchandler, 237 ?
tide, time.
till, to.
tirled at the pin, trilled, or rattled, at the door-pin, or latch, to obtain admission.
tither, the other.
tod, fox.
toute, 22. See Chaucer.
touting, tooting.
travayle, labor.
traye, 104, suffering, [dree?]
tree, wood, staff.
trew, trow.
tryst, appointment, assignation.
twal, twelve.
twan, twined.
twine, part, deprive of.
tyde, time.
tyte, promptly, quick.
unco, strangely, very.
vanes, flags. venerye, hunting. vent, went. verament, truly. villanye, vilony, disgrace. vntill, unto.
vones, (wones,) dwellest. vytouten, without.
wa', wall.
wace, wax.
wad, pledge.
wad, 212, waded.
wadded, 9, wood-colored, blue.
wadna, would not.
wae, waefu', waesome, sor­rowful, sad.
waif, straying.
wald, would.
walker, 10, fuller.
wall-wight men, 176, picked (waled) strong men, war­riors: see vol. vi., p. 220, v. 15.
wan afore, 255, came before.
wane, dwelling.
war, where.
ware of, to be, to perceive.
warld's maike, 264, compan­ion for life.
warluck, a wizard, a man in league with the devil.

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