Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 1 of 8 from 1860 edition

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GLOSSARY.                               327
plyit, plight, promise.
poteruer, 8, pouch, purse. Jiightly corrected by Percy from poterver. See pauton-niere, pontonaria, and pan-tonarius, in HenscheVs ed. of Ducange.
poa, pull.
prest, priest.
prieve, prase.
prink'd, priuu'd, adorned, drest up, made neat.
pristly, earnestly.
propine, gift.
raohes, scenting hounds.
radde, quick, quickly.
rair, roar.
rashing, striking like a boar.
rathely, quickly.
raught, reached.
rauine, beasts of chase, prey.
redd, 22, explained.
rede, counsel.
reekit, 299, steamed.
reele bone, 99, an unknown material, of which saddles, especially, are in the ro­mances said to be made; called variously, rewel-bone, {Cant. Tales, 13,807,)rowel-bone, reuylle-bone, and { Young Bekie, vol* iv. 12) royal-bone.
reet, root.
reme, kingdom.
reuninge, running.
repreve, reprove, deride.
rewe, take pity.
ridand, riding.
rived, 233, {arrived,) travelled.
ronght, route, rowte, rout,
band, company. routh, plenty. row, roll, wrap. rown-tree, mountain-ash. rudd, complexion. rybybe, kind of fiddle. ryn, run. rysse, rise.
safe-guard, a riding-skirt.
saghe, saw.
saikless, guiltless.
sained, crossed, consecrated.
sail, shall.
same, 25, some, each.
sark, shirt.
sathe, sooth, truth.
saw, saying, tale.
sawtrye, psaltery.
scathe, damage.
schane, shone.
scho, she.
schone, shoes.
scort, short.
sculd, should.
seannachy, genealogist, bard,
or story-teller. seek,sack. sekirlye, truly. selle, saddle. senne, since. sere, sore. seres, sires, sirs. sey, 18, v. 29, saw. share, 193, slip, strip. shathmont, 126, [A. Sax.

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