Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 1 of 8 from 1860 edition

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GLOSSARY.                                     323
fize, 274, five.
flang, flung.
flaugh, flew.
flaw, 175, lie.
fleer, floor.
fley'd, frightened.
flone, arrow.
fode, creature, child.
fond, try, make trial.
fonde, found.
forbye, aside.
fordoo, destroy.
foremost man, 158, (like best
man), bridesnian* forowttyn, without. forteynd, happened. forther, further. forthi, therefore. fowles, birds. fraine, question. free, 275, lord, 253, lady. free, freely, noble, lovely. frem, strange. freyry, fraternity. frowte, fruit. fu1, full.
fundyd, 275, went. fytt, canto, division of a song.
gad, bar.
gae,  gave. gae, go, going.
gait, nae, no way, no where. galid, 276, sang t gangande, going. gar, make, cause. gare, 198, strip. garthes, girllis. gate, 225, way.
gesing, 276, guessing; or, de­sire, A. Sax. gitsting?
getterne, giitern, kind of harp.
ghesting, lodging, hospitable reception.
gied, went.
gien, given.
gin, giue, if.
gleed, a burning coal.
glided, 274. Qy. gilded?
glint, gleam.
gon, begun, performed.
gon, went.
goud, gold.
goupen, the hollow of the hand contracted to receive any­thing.
gowan, flower.
gowd, gold.
gowden, golden.
gown of green, got on the, 259, was with child.
gravil, 260?
gree, favor, prize.
green'd, longed. ,
greet, weep.
grew, gray.
groom, man, young mttn^
gule, red.
gurlie, stormy, surly.
gyne, device.
ha', hall. had, hold, keep. hailsed, saluted. halch, salute, embrace^ hallow, hollow.
Hallowe'en, 120, Me eve of AU-Saints' day, supposed to

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