Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 1 of 8 from 1860 edition

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but, 203, and; but and, and
also. by and by, straightway. bydeene, 13, continuously, in
numbers. byggis, builds. bygone, bedecked. byhouys, behoves. byleve, 98, remain, byrde, lady. oyre, cow-house. byrnande, burning. byteche, commit.
ca', call.
can, (sometimes gan,) used as an auxiliary Kith an infini­tive mood, to express ike past tense of a verb.
carknet, necklace.
carline, female of churl, old woman.
carlist, 37, churlish.
carp, talk, tell stories.
cast, planned.
chalmer, chamber.
channerin', fretting.
chere, countenance.
chese, choose.
chess, jess, strap.
chewys, choosest.
chiel, child, young man.
christendame, christendoun, christening.
christentye, Christendom.
claes, clothes.
clapping, fondling.
clear, clere, fair, morally pure.
VOL. I.                                 21
3ART.                           321
cockward, cuckold.
coft, bought.
coiffer, 260, coif, head-dress, capt
cold, could, knew; used as an auxiliary with the infnitive to express a past tense; e. g. he cold fling, he flung.
coleyne, Collen, Cologne steel.
com'nye, 237, communing, dis­course.
compass, circle.
compenabull, 21, sociable, ad­mitting to participation.
coost, coosten, cast.
couth, could, knew, understood.
covent, convent
cow-me-doo, 171, like cnr-doo, name for a dove, from its cooing.
craftelike, craftily.
crapote", 99. Qy. cramasee, crimson 1
cropoure, crupper.
crowt, 12, curl up.
crystiante, Christendom.
cure, 279, till.
dag-durk, dagger, dirk.
damasee, damson.
dang, beat, struck.
dasse, dais, raised platform.
daunton, daunt.
decay, destruction.
dee, die.
dee, do.
deid, death.
dele, dell, part.
delle, 101, dally.

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