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pickle, a few, a small quantity. pin, a wooden bar or door-latch. pine, pain, care, pink, to glimmer, to contract the eye
in looking; a woman who glimmers, pint-stoup, a pint-vessel containing
two English quarts. pit, to put. placads, shouts. plaiden-wab, homespun tweeled
woollen, plaidie or plaid, a broad unformed
piece of cloth for wrapping about
the shoulders and body, plashy, applied to a body of water
driven violently, plough, a plough; to plough, pliver, the plover, pocks, pockets, bags, poortith, poverty. pou, pu', to pull, pouch, a pocket. poutherad, powdered ; sanctified. pow, the poll, the head, pree'd, tasted, preen, a pin ; to pin. prie, pree, to prove, to taste, to try. priestie, a priest: used defisively. puir, pure, poor, pumps, light shoes. pun', pund, a pound, pursie, a small purse, pyke, to pick.
quat, quit, did quit.
quean, quine, a young attractive
woman, quey, a cow that has not calved. quo', quoth.
ramgunshoch, surly, cross-grained.
randie, randy, a sturdy abusive or threatening beggar.
rantin, boisterous, rollicking.
raucle, rauckle, stout, clever, rash, fearless.
rebute, a rebuff; to rebuke.
reck, to take heed.
rede, counsel; to counsel, to advise.
reek, smoke.
reekit, smoked, dingy.
reel, a dance probably indigenous to Britain (but known in Scandinavia), performed by one or two couples. The chief feature is a circular move­ment, the dancers standing face to
face and describing rapidly a series
6ffiguresof8 with a gliding motion, reif, to reave, to.thieve, rew, to rue. rig, a ridge, rin, to run. ringle-ey'd, with much white in the
eye. ripples, ripells, shooting pains in
the back and reins. ripplin-kame, a comb for separating
the bolls of flax from the stem;
used equiv. rither, a rudder, rock, a distaff." rood, a crucifix, a cross, roos'd, praised, flattered, roose, to praise, to commend, roosty, rusty, disused, rottan, rottin, the rat. roun', round, routh, plenty, good store. routhie, well-stocked, of comfortable
means. row'd, rolled, wrapt, rowe, to roll, to wrap ; to flow. rowin, rolling, wrapping, rumple-bane, the rump-bone, rung, a stout stick, a cudgel, ryke, to reach up.
sae, so.
sair, sairly, sore, sorely, severely.
salr, sair'd, to serve, served.
sail, shall.
sark, a shirt, a smock.
Sassenach, the Gaelic for Saxon.
saut, salt.
Sawney, Sandie, Alexander.
sax, six.
scaith, skaith, damage, hurt, injury.
scant, devoid, little or few.
scauld, to scold, a scold.
scho, she.
scrImp, to save, to deal sparingly.
scroggy, applied to hill slopes covered
with brushwood, scuds, brisk beer, foaming ale. sculdudd'ry, fornication, sel', self.
semple, sImple, low-born, sen', send.
shachl'd, twisted, bent, shapeless, shanks, the legs, shanna, shall not. shavie, a prank. I2

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