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kebbuck, a large cheese uncut.
keekln-glass, a looking-glass.
keekit, pryed, peered, gazed.
ken, kend, ken't, to know; known.
Kilbaigie, a favourite brand of whisky manufactured at Kilbaigie, Clack­mannan, one of the earliest distil­leries after the abolition of the FerinXosh monopoly.
killogie, a vacuity before the fire­place in a kiln.
kilt, a short dress; to tuck up the skirts.
kimmer. See cummer.
kin, blood relations.
kin', kind.
kintra, country, neighbours.
kirk, a church.
kirtle, a woman's short skirt or outer petticoat.
kist, kissed ; a chest.
kith, acquaintance, those not related by blood.
kittle, difficult; to tickle. To kittle hair on thairms = to play the fiddle.
kiutlin, cuddling.
knaggs, knobs, protuberances.
knowe, a knoll, a hillock.
knurl, a dwarf, a hunchback; stunted.
kye, cattle.
lea-rig, a ridge in a field left un-ploughed between ridges bearing grain, learn, to teach.
leddy, lady, the wife of a landlord, lee, the slope of a hill; warm, shel­tered ; in phrase: an intensitive meaning of loneliness. lee-lang, livelong, leesome, lawful, pleasant, leeze me, an expression of pleasure =
dear is to me. len', to lend.
let be, to let alone, to cease from, leuk, looked, ley-crap, the first crop after the
ploughing of grass or fallow land, liekit my winning = dissipated my
means or money, liein, lying, equivocating, lien, lain, lift, the sky, the heavens; to collect,
to steal, lilt, lilting, a song; merry singing. lImpin, lImping, hobbling, linens, underclothing; death-clothes, lingles, shoemakers' thread, linkin, tripping, dancing, hurrying, lint, flax.
lintwhite, lintie, the linnet, lint-white, flaxen-coloured. . lippen, to trust, to believe, lippie, dim. of lip. loan, loaning, a lane, a farm
road, lo'e, loo, lo'ed, to love; loved, logie. See killogie. loof, the palm of the hand, the open
hand, loon, loun, a rascal, a fellow, a ser­vant, a varlet. loot, did let. loup, lowp, to leap, lour, lowering, Impending. lowe, a flame; to flame, lowpin, leaping, jumping. Lowry, Lawrence; a crafty person, lowse, to loose, to untie. luckie, lucky, an elderly woman, an
alewife, a familiar address. lug, the ear, a handle, luggie, a small wooden vessel with a
handle, lunzie-banes, the loin bones, lyart, grey, of a mixed colour, lye, to lie down, lymmar or limmer, a knave, a jade.
labour lea, to plough grass land.
laigh, low.
laik, lack, want.
laird, a landowner; an abbey laird = one who took refuge from his creditors in Holyrood Abbey.
laith, loath.
Ian', land.
lane, alone, lonely, solitary.
lang-neckit, long-necked.
lap, leaped.
lapwing, the plover.
lass, a girl, a young woman, a sweet­heart, the complement of lad.
lave, flowing freely; the rest or re­mainder.
laverock, the lark.
law, low ; a round-capped mountain which ascends by stages.
lawin, the expense, the cost, the bill.
lea, grass land, unfilled land, pasture.
leal, loyal, true, trusty.
lear, lair, learning, knowledge, edu­cation.

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